Comedian Kevin Hart Files Lawsuit Against Former Assistant and YouTuber Tasha K Over Alleged Extortion!

The comedian Kevin Hart has filed a lawsuit against YouTuber Tasha K and his former assistant Miesha Shakes, alleging that they tried to extort him for an interview that contains "false and defamatory statements" about him.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, stems from an interview that Shakes did with Kebe, which was published on Kebe's Instagram and YouTube channel on December 22, 2023. In the interview, Shakes makes a number of allegations about Hart, including that he cheated on his wife, Eniko Parrish, and that he had a gambling problem. Hart denies all of these allegations.

Hart is also suing Shakes for breach of contract, claiming that she violated a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) that she signed when she was his assistant. The NDA reportedly prohibited Shakes from speaking publicly about Hart or his personal life.

In addition to the lawsuit, Hart has also filed a criminal complaint against Kebe, alleging that she attempted to extort him. Kebe has denied the allegations, and her attorney has said that she is "confident that she will be vindicated in court."

The lawsuit against Shakes and Kebe is just the latest in a string of legal troubles for Hart. In 2017, Hart was forced to apologize to his wife after he was caught cheating on her while she was pregnant with their first child. Hart has also been involved in a number of other legal disputes, including a lawsuit with a nightclub owner and a paternity lawsuit.

It is unclear how the lawsuit against Shakes and Kebe will play out. However, it is likely to be a lengthy and expensive process for all parties involved.

In the meantime, Hart is continuing to focus on his career. He recently released a new stand-up comedy special, and he is also working on a number of other projects, including a new movie and a television show.

It remains to be seen whether the lawsuit against Shakes and Kebe will have any impact on Hart's career. However, it is clear that the lawsuit is a major distraction for Hart, and it is likely to cause him a great deal of stress.

Only time will tell how the lawsuit will ultimately be resolved. However, it is sure to be a closely watched case, given Hart's high profile.

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